New research from HospitalityGEM shows the vast majority of people will avoid your pub and tell their friends to do the same if they had a single experience of slow service. And how would you know - the majority wouldn't even tell you...

1. 87 per cent of diners would ditch a place with slow service
The research shows customers are less than forgiving when it comes to a single incident, with nearly nine out of 10 not returning to a pub or restaurant after a slow-service experience.

2. 95 per cent tell their friends about a single incident
You might have been having a one-off bad day, but a whopping 95 per cent of customers have revealed that they feel obliged to mention a single incident of slow service to their friends.

3. 48 per cent would complain about the slow service while at the venue
Despite the vast majority choosing never to return to your pub based on a single experience of slow service, chances are you might not know about it considering less than half would actually tell you at the time.

4. 65 per cent want their order taken within 5-10 minutes
It's not just the speed of the food arriving that is essential, it's also the speed in which their order is taken.

5. 57 per cent want to wait less than five minutes to be seated
More than half are not happy waiting to be seated.

6. 72 per cent put aside an hour for pub lunch during the week
On their experience as a whole, diners expect to only take an hour over lunch in a pub or restaurant during the week.

7. 58 per cent put aside 90 minutes for lunch on the weekend
However, nearly 6 out of 10 of those surveyed said they expect to spend an hour and a half over lunch at the weekend.

8. 62 per cent expect dinner in the week to last 90 minutes
Similarly, the majority expect dinner to last just one and a half hours in the week.

9. 55 per cent expect two hours for dinner on the weekend
Those surveyed tend to put aside more time during weekends, with the majority putting aside more than two hours for dinner on the weekend.