Give yourself a tick on your Facebook Page to let people know they've found the official page for your business!

If you use Facebook and Twitter regularly, for business or pleasure, you're probably familiar with the little blue tick that appears next to certain accounts – this is the Verified Account identifier, most commonly used for celebrities, to let you know you're reading the page for the actual celebrity, and not a spoof or fake account.

Now, Facebook have launched a similar feature for businesses with pages too and it could prove hugely beneficial to pubs that find themselves in that situation where more than one page for your business exists.

Verified Pages offer businesses in the UK a grey tick (instead of the blue of a celebrity) and will help people find the correct and current page they're looking for.


Facebook Verified Page gives a grey tick


More importantly, Verified Facebook Pages will show up higher in search results, helping ensure that people searching for your business will find your Page and not one that was last posted to in 2012.

Verified Pages will show up higher in Facebook's search results

Verifying your page is quick and straight forward and can be done via with your mobile phone or a desktop browser.

Login to your page then:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Next select General
  3. Select Page Verification
  4. Click Verify This Page then Get Started
  5. Enter your telephone number (if it's not there already) then select Call Me Now
  6. An automated call will be made to your premises and you will be read out a four digit code. Enter this code in to the box that appears and click Continue


The onscreen instructions are straight forward and the process is very similar to the registration process you must go through to authenticate your premises with Google My Business, too.

The automated call is made to your venue immediately, so make sure you're by the phone when you hit Call Me Now!

The whole process should take less than a minute of your time but, If you are unable to take a telephone call, you can also use the option to upload documentation to prove that your page is the correct one; this process is more cumbersome and takes longer as Facebook will have to manually verify your premises before they add the tick to your Page. It may take them up to seven days to apply your grey tick.

Once you're verified, any Pages that you have been unable to gain admin rights to at this time will appear further down the search results and will give visitors the confidence that they are at the right Page.

Happy Verifying!


Original cover illustration by Freepik.