Robyn Black

Robyn Black is Inapub's drinks expert and deputy editor. Follow her on Twitter @MrsRobynBlack

The importance of decent bar equipment

"Trying to make a good drink with substandard equipment is like trying to fillet a salmon with a butter knife."

How to sell drinks this Christmas

The wine is mulling, the tree is up and the parties are in full swing - there's no denying we are well into the festive season now.

We've a plethora of Christmas drink ideas for you here but also some top tips to make sure your drink sales fly as high as Rudolph himself this December. 

A pub Christmas in numbers

Nearly three-quarters of the UK's adult population visited an on-trade venue last Christmas.

Why you should never call a bitter a bitter

"Calling a pint of bitter a bitter is basically the kiss of death to anyone thinking of trying one for the first time."

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Matthew Eley

Matt Eley is the Inapub editor. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley

Whopper and fries - do you want a beer with that?

"Maybe I am being a little hypocritical because pubs are increasingly going down the foody and family-friendly routes, but it just strikes me as not being quite right that you will be able to get a beer in Burger King."

Expectations managed as local re-opens

"The benefit of having two busy managed pubs is that an area that had not had any nightlife for years is now developing into a place to go out."

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Mark J Daniels

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Verify Your Facebook Page

Give yourself a tick on your Facebook Page to let people know they've found the official page for your business!

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Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, who have sold more than 80 million albums. He is also a qualified commercial pilot and was once ranked Britain's seventh-best fencer. The band's ale Trooper, a 50-50 venture with brewer Robinsons, is named after their 1983 hit single.

British beer's global appeal

"Maybe it's only when you spend so much time touring the world that you realise just how special the British pub is."

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Barstool Expert

The Inapub Barstool Expert is always ready with an informed opinion on any subject.

Slow service: the speediest way to annoy your customers

'Excuse me pal. You should be serving me now. I was next,' I said bravely, to the young barman and fifty-plus man who had nipped in before me.

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