8 of the world's weirdest ways to drink beer

Frozen beer, foam beer and even in fancy-pants-glasses beer — brews around the world come served in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Here are eight of the best. 

Food fit for a kid

Despite the Good Pub Guide suggesting the number one bugbear for pub customers is noisy children, providing proper food for little people is a market worth tapping into.

The importance of decent bar equipment

"Trying to make a good drink with substandard equipment is like trying to fillet a salmon with a butter knife."

Verify Your Facebook Page

Give yourself a tick on your Facebook Page to let people know they've found the official page for your business!


Is Scotch's domination in the whisk(e)y category under threat?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between whisky and whiskey?

No? Well, since I've got you here, let me enlighten you anyway.

7 ways to stay ahead of the competition

Carlsberg's annual Consumer Insights Report has been released and it seems the pub trade remains under pressure as people look to other leisure activities to fill their free time (over 35s are just as likely to visit a coffee ...

Sky and Molson Coors create beer to celebrate January transfer window

Sky and Molson Coors have created a beer to celebrate football's January transfer window.


7 things to ponder when revamping the menu

2015 is disappearing before our very eyes, but what better way to finish it than to plan a new menu for the new year? Here are a few things to bear in mind when planning your next move.

Plates of hate: the trend that refuses to die

Serving meals on a chopping board or a piece of slate seems like the trend that refuses to die.

The pop-up pub

The key to success is reinventing yourself, according to licensee Patrick Beaume, and what better way to do so than performing cookery demonstrations at food festivals with a pop-up version of your own pub?


Pub quizzes: Living the theme

Pub quizzes can be a popular draw on quieter nights. We visited the Abel Heywood in Manchester to find out how its themed quizzes have helped put the pub on the ...

A castle with a pub outlook on life

There are plenty of pubs called The Castle in the UK. But, as far as we are aware, Edgehill, on the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire border, is the only place that can ...

The perfect pub for pups

When The Queens Arms recently opted to sponsor its own guide dog for the blind, it was the latest in a long line of ideas that show the pub is willing ...

A pub Christmas in numbers

Nearly three-quarters of the UK's adult population visited an on-trade venue last Christmas.

Whopper and fries - do you want a beer with that?

"Maybe I am being a little hypocritical because pubs are increasingly going down the foody and family-friendly routes, but it just strikes me as not being quite right that you will be able to get a beer in Burger King."

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